BackupEdge™ is a high performance, easy to use, fully integrated backup, restore and recovery software product for UNIX® and Linux® operating systems. It manages the entire process of protecting critical data while shielding the user from the headaches involved in directly managing individual actions.

It supports the industry's widest variety of storage devices, including tape drives, Blu-ray Disc™, DVD and CD writers, Iomega REV™ drives, tape and REV changers, libraries and autoloaders, and USB and SATA flash drives, disk drives and cartridges.

It also fully supports backups to network-attached storage (NAS) devices, servers and appliances over the local network or Internet, as well as Internet backups to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) web storage cloud.

BackupEdge uses a modern, standards-based data format that allows for very long pathnames, very high compression rations, multiple verification strategies and highly secure data encryption. Its modular architecture providing great flexibility in implementing and maintaining backup strategies.

The product has a unique tri-mode management interface (called EDGEMENU). The interface runs on the graphical desktop or can be enabled as a web service and run remotely from a Java-equipped web browser. It may also be run in legacy character mode from the character console or terminals and terminal emulators.

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