Focused on our clients' needs

What do we mean by client-focused? We strive to form long-term relations with our clients, many of whom have been with us since the very beginning. We have accomplished this through a small set of guiding principles.

  • Don’t push new technology for the sake of newness alone.
  • Work within the client’s current infrastructure whenever possible.
  • Make changes only to enhance the client’s bottom line or to mitigate threats.
  • Preserve mission-critical hardware and software to ensure the client’s future.
  • Answer calls live, and connect them to an expert with experience in the client’s field.

Over Thirty Years In Business

Thirty years is a badge of honor for us. We attribute this to our client-focused business strategy, which has been made possible because of our diverse staff of programmers, system administrators, business leaders, scientists, financial specialists, technicians, machinists, and problem solvers (fun fact: even a chess champion.) This wide range of experience enables us to understand the nuances of your business and level with you about how our solutions fit in with your current infrastructure, no matter what your business specializes in or where it is located.

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Ever since we started what would become Aperion Information Technologies in 1984, we have enabled small and medium-sized businesses around the world to flourish by offering unparalleled quality of IT Management, support, infrastructure planning, legacy hardware and software solutions, and custom application development with a personal focus on the client.

Mark Comins

President of Aperion Information Technologies, Inc.

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Our History

Our company executives started out in 1984 as “Personal Touch Custom Software” to provide small businesses and an opportunity to transition from pegboard accounting to fully computerized systems, enabling their businesses to chart and track relationships in their data that were unfeasible to do by hand. We did this with custom software development designed in close collaboration with our clients. This client-centric approach to custom software enabled small and and medium business owners to own software that took into account their specific business practices, cutting down on employee training time and the bloat now associated with pre-packaged solutions, which often did not exist.

Because of our client-first business strategy, we started our own hardware consulting and installation team in 1988. We wanted to offer a better experience for our customers, who were reporting inconsistent quality of service during hardware installs by third-party vendors. Along with hardware installs, we began to support commercial business applications, backups, web pages, email, networking, and infrastructure consultation.

By 1998, the successes in supporting the full stack of hardware, networking, software, and programming solutions convinced us to re-brand from Personal Touch Custom Software to Aperion Information Technologies. Our name, based on the Greek word “Apeiron” meaning “infinite” or “without bounds”, was chosen to describe how far we will go to find a solution that will work for our customers.

In an industry where the term “bleeding-edge” is used because “cutting-edge” is a bit stale, sixteen years spans the rise and fall of many computer technologies. By 2000, sixteen years later, we began to hear from clients that our business has outlasted the lifespan of many of the older commercial products we had serviced, but they wanted to keep their current systems while upgrading their IT infrastructure. We partnered with numerous manufacturers and sales organizations to provide specialized hardware and new technologies for legacy applications and we continue to remain committed to our clients with these needs.

Today, another sixteen years later, we continue to follow the principles that guided the company as it was starting out.  With our experience and reliability, not only do we serve our local community, but we also regularly service businesses across the country and around the world.  In today’s online world, administration or software development remotely is a given.  We go one step further — what if you are located halfway across the country and need assistance with a hardware install?  No problem.  We’ve sent technicians halfway around the world.