• We Answer Our Phones Live

    Aperion does not use an automated answering machine.  Our employees answer phones live during business hours and monitor our phones after-hours for emergencies.

  • We Speak Your Language

    Aperion understands the need to keep your IT functioning so your business does not lose productivity.  Our team will talk to you in the business terms you understand – without the IT jargon.

  • No “One-Man-Band”

    Aperion has a professional team of employees in multiple offices working to service your business quickly.

  • We Work Within Your Means

    We realize that your budget is limited and your goal might be to patch rather than replace components in your organization.  Aperion will offer the best solution to help you realize your goals and stay within your budget.

  • We Work With Your Vendors

    Aperion can be a liaison between you and your software vendor helping you get more out of your business application.   We can find and integrate packages solutions for your unique business needs or write a custom solution if necessary.

  • Accurate Billing

    Every bill you receive from Aperion is guaranteed to be accurate and detailed.  You will never receive vague invoices that are months old or do not provide a clear explanation of the services rendered.

  • Keep Your Existing Equipment

    Don’t get stuck with a company that only supports one brand of software, operating system, or line of hardware and expects you to change everything to hire them.  Aperion works with a wide range of technology and has no problem supporting your current tech brands.

  • US-Based Company and Help Desk

    Our help desk is is answered by Aperion employees during regular business hours and never outsourced to another country.

  • We Show You How To Use New Technology

    We will keep you appraised of new trends in technology and will show you how it can help your business make more money, reduce costs, and increase security.

  • Local Offices With A Global Reach

    Aperion can help you no matter where you are located in the world.  There will always be someone who can help you, no matter what your problem is.  We will even work with your existing local support.

  • Unmatched Range of Experience

    Operating system support goes from modern Windows and Linux back through SCO UNIX, Novell and SCO Xenix.  Our staff has decades of experience writing business applications in most languages developed since the mid 1970s, such as C, COBOL, FORTRAN77, BASIC , Dbase, filePro, Unify, and more.  We also have expertise in modern languages such as C# and  VB.NET, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, and Python, just to name a few.  Combining our programming and hardware experience with our professional experience in computational fields such as data modeling, statistical analysis and data science allows us to assist customers in tackling even the most technically oriented tasks.