If you are a small to midsize business in the Detroit Metro Area, Mid-Michigan, Reading PA or Upstate NY and you need to convert your costly technology infrastructure into a tool that propels your business forward, we can help.

Our typical customer has anywhere between 10 and 250 workstations.  All have specialized needs in various environments, like bowling alleys, fabrication plants, warehouses, offices, healthcare, laboratories, and retail.  Most clients have a specialized, trusted line of business software that they use to run their company — software that must remain operational.  Many have even been told that their business solutions are “too old” to be supported by other IT firms.  Our clients hire us to keep their critical hardware and software running properly while developing new solutions for the continued success of their business.  At the same time, they save on the cost of a full-time IT staff and the overhead of making their own employees spend time on “computer problems.”

Add our technology experts to your company when:
  • Your technology is stealing your focus from your business
  • You want a human to answer the phone when you call your IT company
  • You have been told that you need to abandon your current business platform
  • You are struggling with the security or reliability of your network
  • You want reliable backups without the need to check them yourself
  • Your current computing solutions are strangling your business
  • Your computers and network are costing your employees’ time
  • You want to enable your employees to work remotely
  • You are concerned about HIPAA compliance
  • You have failed a PCI Compliance check
  • You have buckets of data but no way to “make it talk”
  • You need to scale up your business to meet market demands or challenges
  • You need to automate tedious tasks costing you time and money
  • You need an accounting solution that won’t break the bank
  • You need continued monitoring of the health of your systems
  • You need new computers, but they won’t run your business software