Mitigating the risk of exploits

Security exploits affect all Internet-connected servers. Address discovered exploits immediately. Potential abuses include, for example: turning servers into spam factories, storage of files that are not yours, data theft, password theft, and system destruction for “fun”. There are ways to reduce your exposure to security exploits. Consider the following example. If thieves are going through…


Managing Notes

Get the keyboard shortcuts for filePro’s note system! EARLY NOTE MANAGEMENT METHODS Data is only useful if it is easy to utilize. For example, it is common to add several lines of notes to records. These notes are only useful if the information contained within them is readily usable, though. Older methods for recording notes…


iBoot Web Power Switch

No one likes downtime. Downtime costs money, annoys customers, throws off accounting, and wastes productivity. The iBoot line of devices from dataprobe can help you alleviate some of the burden of downtime. These little gadgets can get your devices back up as soon as they go down, sometimes before you even know there is a…


Speeding up the system

Sometimes it takes forever for a login to appear on your screen or for a print job to start printing. This is typically caused by how the network is setup on your UNIX server. A drop in your Internet service, slow or down DNS servers (nameservers) or a misconfigured network can all cause your system…


NovaBACKUP 19: What’s new?

A backup is only as good your ability to restore from it, and the new NovaBACKUP 19 offers up to 4x faster restores without compromising reliability. The newly developed logic builds an index into your backups for the fastest backup import speeds ever.