“Take a look at what Aperion can do for you. The customer service is outstanding!! If I have any emergency it is assessed and work begins immediately to resolve the issue. We are now able to run multiple servers on one box which reduced the space we needed in our IT closet.”

Dennis IngamellsJLM Wholesale - Oxford, Michigan

“I’ve recently had my entire network redone, and Aperion’s handling of my update gave me confidence that I am working with a company that is both professional and trustworthy. They deliver a great product, on time, and have a great team with both software and hardware knowledge. The whole process was smooth, painless, on time and on budget.”

Dr. Dennis Dhondt, DDSDentist - Fraser, Michigan

“The biggest benefits are a quick response, and knowledgeable employees who are a pleasure to work with. Projects are always completed on time and within budget. Someone is always there to answer the phone. I never get sent to voice mail unless I ask to be sent. You will not find anybody more knowledgeable and better to work with. These guys did things that I did not realize could be done and quickly.”

Bob JumpLogical Systems, Inc. - Yarmouth, Maine

“Having a dedicated IT company is great. Being able to call into the office and get remote help from any of the techs is a blessing. Aperion has always been available to help and we don’t have to go through different channels to get support. It just saves time. Everything we do is either online or based on the servers, and we have less down time for the staff. We don’t lose internet access when doing online training that has a lot of videos in it. Aperion listens to customers, doesn’t belittle them, and when they say something is working, it’s working.”

Sandra KlevenRose Hill Center - Holly, Michigan

“Our biggest benefit has been improved employee efficiency. Whenever we have computer issues, we just call Aperion. In most instances, we don’t even waste time trying to fix it ourselves. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, Aperion can fix it. Aperion can resolve most issues immediately. If the issue requires onsite service, it is usually handled the same day. Aperion has never left us high and dry. I have full confidence in their ability to handle all my computer needs.”

Jeff HerronCarrier Transicold of Detroit - Detroit, Michigan